torsdag 23. juli 2015

Vacation trip

Vacation trip
The third blog post this summer here. Soon as I drag on vacation trip on cp-rent 10 days of fun. where I have been from 1993. It's been fun on cp-camp over the years. I have a lot of friends around the country. Norway I have contact with those on the face book (fasecbook)

Last year I was in portugal on the isaac Conference 2014 in Lisbon. It was awesome conference. I encounter other ask users from other countries.

I'm looking forward to the isaac Conference 2016 in Toronto Canada.

where in Toronto discovered bliss-symbols of a library, a Canadian teacher for disabled children found a book on bliss-symbols. the story is wonderful about bliss.

It had been fun held a lecturing in English but it's just want the dream.

Still good summer

Ole Reidar Hansen

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